Creative Marketing

Our creative marketing approaches are ideal for companies in oversaturated markets. We’ll help you distinctly stand out among the competition with engaging campaigns that engage your potential market in ways traditional marketing never could. From idea to implementation, Azulify will do all the footwork for you – straight through follow-up.

Lifestyle Marketing

The object of marketing is to connect you to the people who are interested in what you’re offering. To hone in on that market for the most efficient campaigns possible, we asses market lifestyles to figure out how to naturally insert your brand into their lives.

Full Marketing Campaigns

Creative marketing alone isn’t always all it takes to maximize your reach – so we’ll also combine creative marketing with traditional marketing campaigns, bringing you the business the way your specific market is best reached.

Strategic Partnership

Companies work best when they work with the right people. We’ll connect you to likeminded businesses that complement what you do whenever you need outside help to grow your business.

'WIN A FREE CAR!' giveaways are not the solution for your company's BIG promotion. The audience in The Bahamas is numb to exorbitant offers. Let Azulify be creative and make your company stand out!


Anyone can give something away – the contests that really work are those that are highly targeted for maximum participation and relevance. We’ll do the research and put on contests that get people excited for your brand.

Street Teams

Your potential Bahamian market is everywhere – and so are we! We’ll send out your own personal “street team” to raise your brand’s awareness in a welcoming atmosphere, showing real people why your brand matters to them.

Alternative Advertising

We’ll do anything it takes to make sure you can reach consumers almost anywhere. Alternative advertising options include door hangers, strategic flyer distribution, poster advertising, stickers, street stencils and more. We’re creative – the potential is unlimited!

Does creative marketing sound like it could be just what you need?

Let’s chat and find out!